To ensure the efficient running of Killeen Golf Club, the following is a guide to members and guests to ensure everyone enjoys their game of golf in a pleasant and friendly environment.

All members and guests are requested to behave in an orderly manner and refrain from any misconduct.
The following shall constitute misconduct
Disorderly, offensive or unacceptable behaviour/language whilst on Club premises
Disruption,Interference,or Obstruction to any fellow member,member of staff,or any property of the club.
Sexual or racial harassment to any person while on Club premises.
The use of unfair means in competition.
The following is deemed as appropriate behaviour and etiquette for members
The Rule of Golf and all local rules must be adhered to.
Players must arrive in good time prior to their tee time ( 20 mins ), check in and pay the entry fee before commencement of play.
Players must show respect to fellow golfers and staff, avoid slow play, refrain from the use of abusive language, and the use of mobile phone on course.
Comply at all times with notices displayed in the bar/restaurant and with directions given by the bar/restaurant staff and/or Officers of the Club.
Avoid slow play at all times, your place is behind the group in front not in front of group behind.
Players must always repair divots and ALWAYS REPAIR PLUG MARKS ON GREENS, including marks of others,rake bunkers after play and leave rake in bunker.
Mark one another's score card only after leaving green.
Adhere to the Clubs Dress Code.(please see below)
Scorecards for all competitions must be signed and returned ( now requirement of G.U.I./I.L.G.U.) after entering data on computer system in locker room.

The following items are deemed unacceptable
Denim Jeans/Jackets, particularly on the golf course.
Trainers /Runners /Metal spiked golf shoes
Football /Rugby /County jerseys
Non Golf Apparel
Smart casual dress is required, tailored shorts are permitted.
Neat Jeans are permitted to be worn in Clubhouse
Golf shoes and Caps are not permitted in Clubhouse.

A record of late arrivals and those who fail to show will be kept and disciplinary action may be taken by the relevant Committee in respect of repeat offenders.
A single player has no status on the golf course
Members are asked not to approach any Committee member on the course to discuss any issue. All complaints should be in writing and sent to the relevant Honorary Secretary or left in shop for Honorary Secretary and will be discussed at next Committee meeting.
The Clubhouse is frequented by all age groups and it is important to be mindful not to cause offence by improper behaviour or bad language. The clubhouse has to adhere to the legislation relating to licensed premises and therefore Children are not permitted to be on premises after the legal hours.
Any member wishing to make a complaint must do so in writing ( email ) and send to the appropriate Honorary Secretary.
All complaints involving alleged misconduct will be dealt with by the relevant Committee and if required a Disciplinary Committee will be formed to investigate the matter.