Rules and etiquette on the golf course

Rules and etiquette on the golf course

  • All competitions must start from the first tee unless otherwise instructed by the committee.
  • Please replace divots, repair pitch marks, and rake bunkers.
  • Show courtesy to fellow golfers and greenkeeping staff at all times. No player should hit a shot until those in front are out of range.
  • If a match fails to keep its place and loses in distance more than one clear hole in front of them, it may be passed on a request being made.
  • Players searching for a ball must signal oncoming players to pass them and must not continue until those players are out of range. Remember the new time limit is 3 minutes for searching for a lost ball.
  • Crossing boundary fences into private land is strictly forbidden.
  • Exercise caution when attempting to retrieve balls from water hazards.
  • Maximum of 2 balls permitted during casual play.
  • No practising on the course, i.e., playing multiple balls on an individual hole. Please use the driving range and/or practice areas for this purpose.
  • Dispose of all garbage/wrappers in the bins provided on the course and use the recycle bin, located at the air compressor station, for all recyclable items.
  • Priority to be given to the greenkeeping staff early on weekday mornings to enable them to stay ahead and to complete their work on the course without interference from golfers. In particular, golfers jumping in on the 3rd, 5th and 11th holes is not permitted.

Riverbury Board, 16 April 2019

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Club Policy

The following is Killeen Golf Club's policy on dress code for both the restaurant\bar and on the golf course.  Smart casual is expected at all times and it is not permitted to wear golf shoes in the restaurant\bar.  On the course metal spike are not permitted, jeans or sleeveless shirts are also not permitted. The club thanks all members and visitors for the complience.