Ladies Competitions





·         Competition days are Saturday, or Sunday and Tuesday.

·         On Competition days, from 1st tee time to 12 noon, members must play in the competition of the day – no casual play allowed between these times.

·         Minimum of 6 players are required for weekly competition prize to be awarded. 2 people playing constitute a competition.

·         Local Rules are displayed on the notice board.

·         NB: All cards must be returned, as they are needed to allow Standard Scratch to be calculated.

·         Failure to comply with the Terms of Competition can result in disqualification.

·         A Card once ENTERED may never be retrieved or altered. The committee request that players record scores clearly on cards and preferably in pen.


·         Players must walk at all times during a stipulated round unless permission has been granted to use a buggy by the committee



·         In 18 Hole Competitions, ties shall be decided on the last 9,6,3,1 holes. If there is still a tie a decision will be made on the last 3,6,7,8 of the first 9 holes. If still a tie, decision will be made by drawing lot.

·         If a tie occurs over 36 holes, the second 18 hole card will be used to decide the winner.

·         In 9 and 14 Holes competition, ties shall be decided on the last 6,3,2,1. Then decided on the first 1,2,3 holes.  If there is still a tie it will be decided by lot.

·         In strokes competition handicaps are deducted in proportion:

·         Last 9               half handicap

·         Last 6               one third handicap

·         Last 3               one sixth handicap




BEFORE commencement of play please -

1.      Sign into the Competition book [mandatory]

2.      Sign into the Computer.

3.      Pay the competition Fee in advance of commencing play until the Purse Procedure commences. ( expected by April 19)

4.      Check your Handicap on the notice board- it is the responsibility of each player to know her current handicap and ensure it is put on the score card.


AFTER playing please –

1.      Ensure that Date, Name, Handicap, Competition Score, Marker’s & Player’s signatures are on the card.

2.      Enter your results into Computer.

3.      Then immediately place card in weekly competition box



1.      Sign into 2’s column in weekly competition book - 18 Holes Singles Competition only.

2.      Place €2.00 in envelope

3.      Write your name, date, and fee on front of the envelope.

4.      One entry per envelope.


NB: Hole in One – Winner takes all.


If not won the total amount rolls over to next singles competition.

Winners are paid in ILGU vouchers.










Competition runs from the first day of the month to the last day of that month.

If you have played on day one of the Medal or any other 2 day competition you may play 9 Hole re-entry on the second day.

You may also play 9 Hole re-entry alongside the 9 & 18 Hole Singles Stableford competitions (and also the ROB). You must complete a separate card for this entry.

Sign into the 9 Hole re-entry competition book before commencement of play

Multiple entries allowed.

BEST 2 x 9 hole entries to count – this can be made up of any combination of two 9 holes entries returned.

€3.00 competition fee per 9 holes in envelope with your name and date on the front. Drop envelope into pro shop.

Two 9 Hole entries can be played on one day (front 9 and back 9 – NOT two of either)

Place all cards in “9 Hole Re-Entry “competition box immediately after finish of play












All members of the club holding a valid Congu Handicap are eligible to compete in all competitions.

New Full members

In their 1st Year New Full Members are not eligible to win Lady Captain’s Prize on Lady Captain's Day. They can however win any other prize on either day.

Rules for original 5 day Members (Ladies)

Original Five day members can play in any weekday competition (including Public Holidays)

Original Five day members can only play casual golf at the weekends as a paying visitor, time permitting.

Original Five members can avail of Killeen’s reciprocal deal between Mondays – Friday only.

Original five day members may play on Lady Captain Day 1 and Final Day and are eligible to win a prize on either day

Rules for New 5 day Members (Ladies)

New Five day members can play in any week day competition (including Public Holidays)

New Five day members can only play casual golf at the weekends as a paying visitor, time permitting.

New Five Day members can avail of Killeen’s reciprocal deal between Mondays – Friday only.

New five day members may play on the 1st  Day  and Final Day of Lady Captain, but cannot win Lady Captain’s Prize.

Any Five Day members cannot play in the Sunday Mixed Competition or any other Sat/ Sun Competition except those already specified in Lady Captain Final day (as above)



Juveniles may play in the competition on the 1st or 2nd and Lady Captain’s Day but are not eligible to win Lady Captain's Prize. They can however win any other prize on either day.


Majors for Killeen Ladies Golf Club are as follows

-GUI Medals

-Lady Captain’s Prize

-Captain’s Prize to the Ladies

-President Prize to the Ladies


Get into Golf Ladies

Get into Golf Ladies are not entitled to enter any of the majors in their first year. In their 2nd year on they will not be eligible to win Lady Captain’s Prize. They can however win any other prize on either day.


NB All players must have completed 3x 18 or 6x9 Hole Singles Stableford rounds to enter the Lady Captain’s Competition.



In the case of a competition held on either of two days, a competitor who plays 18 holes on the first day must play the competition on that day and may not defer playing the competition until the 2nd day.



All disputes shall be settled by the Ladies Committee whose decision shall be final. The Committee reserves the right to alter times of starting and pairings and to appoint a marker if necessary.

Entering scores into the computer when in use will facilitate the Competition Committee to close off in a timely manner and ensure all information is available for reports.



LADIES COMMITTEE                                                   MARCH 2019




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Club Policy

The following is Killeen Golf Club's policy on dress code for both the restaurant\bar and on the golf course.  Smart casual is expected at all times and it is not permitted to wear golf shoes in the restaurant\bar.  On the course metal spike are not permitted, jeans or sleeveless shirts are also not permitted. The club thanks all members and visitors for the complience.