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McConnell Cup: (Handicap Singles Matchplay)
• Handicap – The handicap you play your match off is the lower of (a) your handicap on the day of the match or (b) your handicap on entry deadline day. Full differential applies. (e.g., player A is off 8 and player B is off 16; full differential is 8)
• No Qualification – Names & entry fee in an envelope, paid in the box in the Proshop, by entry deadline day.

Kelly Cup: (Foursomes)
• Handicap – The handicap you play your match off is the lower of (a) your handicap on the day of the match or (b) your handicap on entry deadline day. Half the Full difference between the aggregate playing handicaps of either side (e.g., side A are off 8 and 14, and side B are off 12 and 17; the aggregate handicaps are A – 22 and B – 29; half the full difference (7) is 3.5 (rounded up to 4).
• No Qualification – Names & entry fee in an envelope, paid in the box in the Proshop, by entry deadline day.  1 Pair per envelope. Members without a partner will be paired up with a fellow member.

Fourball Matchplay: (Fourball Betterball)
 • Handicap  – The handicap you play your match off is the lower of (a) your handicap on the day of the match or (b) your handicap on entry deadline day. Lowest player goes to scratch and the other three players receive strokes based on (CONGU’s new rule for 2016 of) 9/10’s of the difference between the full handicaps. (e.g. Lowest player is off 6 and goes to 0. Player B off 16 goes to 10 and plays off 9/10’s of the adjusted handicap (9); players C&D are similarly adjusted.)
• No Qualification – Names & entry fee in an envelope, paid in the box in the Proshop, by entry deadline day.  1 Pair per envelope. Members without a partner will be paired up with a fellow member.

Sheehan Cup: (Scratch Matchplay)
• Qualification - The holder and the remaining lowest 7 handicaps of the club, along with the 8 lowest gross scores of the April Medal will qualify. If a player plays both days their first card counts for qualifying. The automatic 8 picks will be seeded with the 8 medal qualifiers drawn for the remaining spots.

Rules for all Matchplay Competitions

All matches must be played by the specified date WITHOUT EXCEPTION. All matches are to be played off Blue Tee Markers. It is important for both players / sides to afford ample time to complete your fixture.

• The first named player/side has the responsibility to contact their opponent(s) & arrange a date for the match to be played. However, in the interest of avoiding difficulty with an approaching deadline, it is advised that both sides take the initiative to arrange the match as early as possible.

• All matches in each round must be played and the name of the winner entered for the next round on or before the specified date. Failure to decide a match before the specified date may result in both players/sides being disqualified. Note: This will be strictly enforced as per recent years.

• All Matchplay finals must be played on Finals Day as outlined in Annual Diary. Any member in more than one final must play one final on Finals Day and other final(s) before. No exceptions.

• It is the player’s responsibility to organise matches. All Queries or disputes are to be referred to the Club Matchplay Committee who can only be contacted at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pace of Play at Killeen Golf Club

Please remember pace of play is not about rushing your round.  However, it is about 
being ready to play when it’s your turn and moving efficiently on the course.

(1) Sign in for the competition 20 minutes before tee-off time.
(2) Do not tee-off before your tee time.
(3) Be ready to play when it’s your turn.
(4) Read the green when you arrive and be ready to putt when it’s your turn.
(5) At the green, speed up your exit by positioning your bag on the way to the next tee box.
(6) Mark your score on the next tee box.
(7) Never hold up play because you are in the middle of a conversation (Walk and talk).  
         Sanction Rule 6-7.
(8) Where necessary play ready golf (No Honour on the Tee-Box).
(9) If you lose a clear hole and are delaying the group behind or if there is no group in
         front of you and you are delaying the group behind, invite the group behind to play through.
(10)If you think your ball has gone out of bounds or is lost, then play a provisional ball.
(11)When searching for a ball, the player whose turn it is to play should proceed to play,
        while the others assist in the search.
(12)Always know your position on the golf course.
(13)Remember the game of golf is about enjoyment and nobody enjoys being
        on the course for five hours.

Competition Secretary

Conditions of Entry to Singles Competitions 

  1. Sign into computer before starting your round.  
           You will not be able to sign and entry at the same time.
  2. Ensure your name is entered into competition book
  3. Funds are needed in the purse in order to book a competition. Once 6pm the evening before the competition date has passed, money will be taken from your competition purse account. Any cancellations between 6pm - 9pm the night before will still be charged the competition fee.
  4. On completion of round, ensure you and your marker have checked
    and signed your card and initial any alterations.
  5. As soon as practicable, enter your score into the computer
  6. Return your card into the competition box in the entrance to the locker room

Junior Golfers (under 18 years) must be accompanied by an adult for Member Competitions and score cards must be signed by the adult accompanying (excluding Junior Competitions)

In the event of adverse weather conditions, there must be a 60% return of completed rounds to maintain competition

Failure to comply with competition conditions will result in disqualification


Winter Mats:

When winter mats are in play the player must stand on and play the ball within the area of the mat. Failure to play from within the mat area as above will result in penalities or disqualification.

Winter Greens:

Winter greens are to be regarded as G.U.R.(when not in play) from which play is prohibited. You may take relief within one club lenght from the nearest point of relief.


Conditions of competitions for Seniors Open on Tuesdays

  • Please mark your score card with the letter S for seniors if entering the senior competition.
  • Please indicate on the score card which category you are entering EG over 50s or over 60s.ns 


Competition Committee
Killeen Golf Club 

Committee Login

Committee use only


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Club Policy

The following is Killeen Golf Club's policy on dress code for both the restaurant\bar and on the golf course.  Smart casual is expected at all times and it is not permitted to wear golf shoes in the restaurant\bar.  On the course metal spike are not permitted, jeans or sleeveless shirts are also not permitted. The club thanks all members and visitors for the complience.